Calling security feature will soon be available in WhatsApp, will also block unauthorized access to the location.

 Meta's instant messaging app WhatsApp is bringing a new privacy feature for calling security. With this 'Protect IP Address in Call', users will be able to cover their calls with an extra security layer.

This feature will block threats like unauthorized access and spying on the user's location during calling. Apart from this, it will be difficult for the hacker to find out the location of the users during the call.

Currently, this feature is in the developmental phase and is available only for the latest beta users of Android and iOS. According to the report of WABetaInfo, the developing update of WhatsApp will be for Android users and for iOS users.

This is how it works ?

The 'Protect IP Address in Call' feature works to protect users' IP address by redirecting calls through WhatsApp servers. IP address is a unique address of every device connected to the Internet.

This address is prepared by writing some numbers in a special format. With the help of this address we are able to access anything on the internet.

Will be enabled in advanced settings under privacy settings

Once rolled out for everyone, users will be able to enable this feature by going to the Advanced section under Privacy Settings. Regarding this feature, WhatsApp claims that all calls will benefit from end-to-end encryption.

Which even WhatsApp will not be able to access. The company said that this feature may affect the quality of the call initially, because encryption and routing will take place during this time.

One more Update is coming soon :

Soon users will see green checkmark in blue color in WhatsApp channel. According to WABetaInfo, the company is testing this feature in beta version for Android users.

At the same time, along with improved interface, new icons and colors will also be seen in the app. Apart from this, the company is bringing an update for the About Us app. Let us know about all three features one by one.

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