New feature of Instagram will be available on Facebook and Messenger also, see how will it be helpful for users

 Instagram's parent company Meta on Facebook WhatsApp has millions of users around the world, who use these social media platforms to share their daily life with their followers and stay connected with their family and friends.

Apart from this, these social media platforms are also a means of earning money for many creators. With its help, they generate revenue by sharing their daily life with their followers, by posting videos and posts related to tips and tricks or in any other way. Some time ago Meta introduced the broadcast channel on Instagram. Now this feature will also be available on other platforms of Meta i.e. Facebook and Messenger.

Broadcast is on Instagram

  • As we know that Meta had introduced the broadcast feature for its photo sharing platform i.e. Instagram in February. On one hand, this feature works like a messaging app, in which users can share updates of the whole day with their followers.

  • This feature is especially the best option for those creators who use posts or reels to give their followers updates about their lives from time to time.

  • With this, he will no longer need to post for every update, he can share his thoughts or any update with his followers through the broadcast channel.

Facility will also be available in Facebook and Messenger

  • The big thing is that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is going to expand this broadcast channel feature. Now this feature will also be made available on Beta's other social media platforms Facebook and Messenger.

  • With the help of this new feature, creators and celebrities can share their photos, videos and even voice notes through their Facebook pages.

  • As we have already said that these messages are one-sided. That means the receiver or rather the followers cannot reply to it.

  • Let us tell you that these features have been designed keeping in mind the privacy of the users, so that unnecessary messages can be avoided.

  • At present this feature is not available for all users. Therefore, users who have not got this facility can join the waiting list.

How will the broadcast channel work ?

We have already told that broadcast channel has one way communication method, hence only the person who created the channel i.e. the administrator can send messages. But followers can react to it and also share the poll.

Admins can create their own broadcast channels directly on the platform. Once they send their first message, the social media platform sends a notification to followers asking them to join this broadcast channel.

If you join the channel, any update made by that creator or celebrity comes to you.

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