Instagram will soon adding Poll feature in the comments section

 Instagram head Adam Mosseri has informed about starting testing to add poll feature in the comment section of feed posts or reels on Instagram.

Instagram is going to launch the poll facility in its comment section soon. Through this new feature, users will be able to know people's opinion by polling on any topic. The poll facility will be available in normal posts as well as Insta Reels.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has given this information through Meta channel. He said that it will be rolled out for all users soon. This year, Instagram had added the GIF feature in the comment section.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri also informed about testing of new features on IG update

Instagram head Adam Mosseri has also given this information by sharing a post and screenshot on IG update. Adam wrote, 'New taste alert, do you have any questions for followers? We're starting to test adding the poll feature to the comments section of feed posts or reels on Instagram.

He said, we are always looking for new ways to interact with friends and creators. If you see this test, let us know what you think. Along with this post, Adam also shared a screenshot, in which people's views are being taken through a question.

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